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salt, pepper to taste
Teymur Hajiyev (azerbaïdjan)

A lonely woman lives with her daughter and son. They live under one roof but their souls are scattered. A decision has to be made to put their lives in order, but neither of them is willing to share their pain.
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dieux existe, son nom est petrunya
Teona Strugar Mitevska (north macedonia, BELGIum, SLOVeNIa, FRANCE)

Shtip, January 19. Once a year, male swimmers compete to get their hands on a cross thrown in the water by a priest. But this year, Petrunya manages to snag the coveted object, to the shock and horror of her community and the religious authorities. 
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Téhéran tabou
Ali Soozandeh (austria, germany)

A daring animation mixing sex, drugs, prostitution and corruption in a country subject to oppressive theocratic rule. A prostitute who plies her trade before her kid, a high-ranking judge demanding sexual favours, a housewife undergoing yet another backstreet abortion: Tehran Taboo explodes the inhibitions surrounding sexuality to reveal the hidden facets of the Iranian capital. A must-see.
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la tortue rouge
Michael Dudok de Wit (france, belgium, japan)

Nearly ten years in the making, La tortue rouge is a touching animated tale, sublime in its naturalism. A shipwrecked man struggles to survive on a deserted tropical island teeming with turtles, crabs and birds. His attempts to build a raft are thwarted by a red tortoise.
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wrong cops
quentin dupieux (france)

Los Angeles 2014. Duke, a corrupted, music-loving cop, deals weed and terrorizes passers-by. His colleagues at the police station: a sex addict, a blackmailer cop, a treasure hunter with a dubious past, a deformed one-eyed guy dreaming of techno... Their system made of small tricks and influence games gets messed up when Duke’s last victim, a neighbor left for dead in his trunk, wakes up.
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  The Whispering Star
Sion Sono (Japan)

A spaceship in the shape of a Japanese bungalow crosses the galaxy. On board, a humanoid named Yoko, a sort of interstellar UPS delivery girl. His job is simple: to distribute parcels to human beings on various planets. But with so much free time between deliveries, she starts to wonder what’s in those packages.
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blood  machines
Seth Ickerman (france, usa)

When the ghost of a spaceship escapes, two hunters take off on an interstellar chase to capture the entity before it can flee to freedom. What if machines had souls? From Metropolis to The Matrix, from Winding Refn to 2001, this is an orgasmic journey into 80s movies and music.
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all you can eat bouddha
Ian Lagarde (Québec)

Under the tropical sun, Mike slowly renounces his gluttony and is transformed through a series of encounters. A sensory extravaganza that’s equal parts Jodorowsky and Monty Python, All you can eat Bouddha is a darkly twisted existential tale that’s also surprisingly tender and tinged with mysticism.
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Amat Escalante (Mexico)

In Mexico, Estela’s family, a 12-year-old girl, is caught in a vicious cycle of violence when she falls in love with a young police officer involved in drug diversion.
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ceux qui font les révolutions à moitié n'ont fait que se creuser un tombeau
Mathieu Denis et Simon Lavoie (Québec)

Klas Batalo, Giutizia, Tumulto and Ordine Nuovo, four Quebecers in their twenties, refuse the world as it is offered to them.Three years after the «Printemps Érable», and dissociating themselves from it, they embark on acts of vandalism that increasingly tend towards terrorism. But their revolutionary vanguard clearly does not reach the dominant aspirations of society and risks at any moment to burst in their faces.
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