Montreal is recognized in North America for its multicultural gatronomy. Since cinema is not the one and only thing in life, here is a selection of bars and restaurants we recommend, and that will hopefully enhance your stay in Montreal. Bon appetit!



Blumenthal is a Montreal brewery ideally located. 7 days a week, it's the perfect place for a business lunch, a casual 5 @ 7 or a dinner with friends. The cuisine is simple, tasty and generous, with a menu made from fresh ingredients and local produce.

305, Sainte-Catherine Street, Montreal


Located in downtown Montreal, the Pullman is essentially devoted to the sinful pleasures of wine.

3424, Parc Avenue, Montreal


Located at 425 Mayor, close to the headquarters of the FNC, the Furco is a bar where you can eat very well. A restaurant where you can drink very well. The relaxed atmosphere, decor by Zebulon Perron, making it the ideal place to meet before or after a screening. The kitchen is open until midnight, the bar closes at 3am.

425, Mayor Street , Montreal


Just near the Furco is his little brother, Le Parvis. A friendly cafe and pizzeria. The place is inspired by restaurants in the Californian coast and European cafes where you can stroll all day.

433, Mayor Street , Montreal


Pizzeria or ice cream parlour? Snack bar or gourmet restaurant? Le Moleskine could be in fact all of these, but the truth is that it never seems to be exactly what we expect.

3412, Parc Avenue, Montreal


Bar Pamplemousse is a friendly bar that opened in May and offers an interesting selection of microbrewery's beers on tap in the Quartier des spectacles. Their tapas are excellent, a must stop before continuing the evening at Agora!

1579, St-Laurent Blvd, Montreal



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