Territorial acknowledgement

The Festival du nouveau cinéma acknowledges that its activities take place in Montreal on unceded Indigenous land.
We salute the Mohawk Nation for maintaining a living connection with the territory’s great Haudenosaunee culture.


We believe that festivals, as major players in a changing industry, need to begin a process of reflection and constant work to achieve parity in both our content and the makeup of our teams and boards of directors. In order to evolve and become more transparent, we have signed the 50/50 by 2020 charter.


Diversity has always been part of the Festival’s DNA, which aims to offer film lovers the opportunity to see the works of emerging and marginal voices. In a general atmosphere sometimes monotonous, the FNC is a space for expressing divergent points of view and divergent proposals.

We recognize the otherness, the multitude of experiences, points of view and propositions, as well as their validity. The Festival du nouveau cinéma wishes to fully embody the diversity of creators as well as the diversity of artistic practices.

We deliberately promote the voices of women, indigenous peoples, members of the LGBTQ2X community and representatives of marginalized groups.




Through various partnership agreements, contests, discounts offered with the purchase of Festival tickets, etc., we encourage patrons to use more ecofriendly transit! 

The festival is associated with:



The Festival gives priority to local businesses when developing its service sponsorships to reduce its environmental footprint.

Here are a few of the local business the Festival works with:

Kiju (organic juices)
Camellia Sinensis (teas)
Mate Mata (beverage)
Bold Vodka (liquor)
Les Subversifs (liquor)
Riverbend (micro brewery)
Domaine Desrochers
Oko Créations (zero waste accessories)
Ola bamboo (cosmetics)
Dinette Magazine
Macaron Québec
Éditions somme toutes (publishing house)
Éditions Mécanique Général (publishing house)
Maurin Cuisine (catering)



Finally, the Festival is partnering with several organizations working in favor of eco-responsibility to support and make them benefit from more visibility through our communications tools.

Here are some eco-responsible organizations to which the festival is associated (or expects to partner):

Le Grand Débarras
Conseil québécois des événements éco-responsables
Ici on recycle (Recyc-Québec)
Récupérer, c’est recréer
Questions, comments, suggestions that you would like to share with us to improve our eco-responsibility?
Email us at [email protected]!


The Festival du nouveau cinéma offers free admission to people with reduced mobility upon presentation of the VATL card.

Since 2014, the FNC is also certified event accessible to anyone with limited physical capacity, by Kéroul, a privileged interlocutor of Tourisme Québec.

Our accessibility barrier for people with limited physical ability has also been sent to Tourisme Québec (www.bonjourquebec.com), to the Regional Tourism Association (ATR) and distributed in Kéroul's publications, including the online directory (www. keroul.qc.ca).

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