Temps Ø: The Titles Revealed

The 14 feature films in the cool section of the Festival du nouveau cinéma, Temps Ø, are finally unveiled! This fall, we'll be presenting films that shake up, entertain and surprise: the captivating BOOK OF VISION, the thriller-like documentary CAUGHT IN THE NET, the enigmatic THE TREMOR, the sensory and metaphysic experience SIBERIA, the cult film IRRÉVERSIBLE - INVERSION INTÉGRALE, the iconic OUT OF THE BLUE as well as the comedies RED POST ON ESCHER STREET, SHELL AND JOINT, THALASSO, EFFACER L'HISTORIQUE, L'ENLEVEMENT DE MICHEL HOULLEBECQ, MANDIBULES, POSSONSEXE and MUSIC HOLE. Real pleasure for the spectator, emotions that shake us up and make us better!

"BOOK OF VISION" de Carlo S. Hintermann

A film that probes our relationship to science and the spiritual, with, at its heart, a wonderous tree that throws the most urgent environmental issues of today into sharp relief. A captivating work for those looking to rethink the future, produced by Terrence Malick.

"CAUGHT IN THE NET" de Barbora Chalupova et Vít Klusák

Three fake pre-teen girls, three fake bedrooms, three cameras, three chat boxes. Online sexual predation is caught on camera in this interventionist documentary- slash-social experiment that plays out like a thriller. Essential viewing for anyone wishing to understand – and, for once, see the tables turned on – the sickos of this world.


A virulent, volatile (and very feminine) comedy about a film shoot that goes off the rails when the extras revolt. The latest from Japanese cult filmmaker Sion Sono gives the revenge of the silver screen’s nameless bit players a gloriously subversive slant.

"SHELL AND JOINT" de Isamu Hirabayashi

The succession of guests in a Japanese capsule hotel are stand-ins for society at large, broken down into a series of absurdist sketches in this offbeat comedy about life, sex and insects that’s somewhere between Roy Anderson, Woody Allen and Werner Herzog.

"THALASSO" de Guillaume Nicloux

At a health spa, Michel Houellebecq and Gérard Depardieu do their very best to buck current wellness trends. An absurd, poetic and poignant comedy about two nasty boys in a world of overly clean adults.

"EFFACER L’HISTORIQUE" de Benoît Delépine et Gustave Kervern

To get her hands on a sex tape shot without her permission, a woman (Blanche Gardin) goes to war against online injustice and Big Tech. After Mammouth and Le grand soir, Kervern and Delépine are back with another of their trademark funny-but-smart black comedies.

"THE TREMOR" de Balaji Vembu Chelli

Atmospheric and enigmatic à la Apichatpong Weerasethakul. A journey through hairpin bends of absurdity, despairing mockery and existentialist lament that tells the tale of a journalist lost in the wild.


Michel Houellebecq (playing himself) has disappeared! The renowned writer is being held hostage at the home of a random sweet old lady. The wine and food are good and plus, he can smoke. A comedy more absurd than real life, if that’s possible...

"SIBERIA" de Abel Ferrara

Abel Ferrara (King of New York) is back! His latest is a psychoanalytic nightmare starring Willem Dafoe that falls somewhere between Tarkovsky and Lynch. Love, sex, war, death and the ever-more-relevant issue of solitude are all exquisitely dissected in an experience both sensory and metaphysical.

"MANDIBULES" de Quentin Dupieux

Two consummate losers find a giant fly in the trunk of a stolen car. A lightbulb goes off: they’ll train it to help them commit future robberies. The latest, gleefully absurd comedy from Quentin Dupieux (Au poste!) is one of the year’s most anticipated features.

"POISSONSEXE" de Olivier Babinet

After all aquatic life has disappeared, a biologist looks for love and fish. From the director of Swagger, a comedy that looks for (and finds) humour in a seemingly depressing world – no small challenge.


A couple, love, an evening, a rape, the horror ... Previously moving backward in time, the scandalous and cult film by Gaspar Noé, rethought, reassembled and now linear. No one can emerge unscathed from this film-experience torn between love and hate.

"MUSIC HOLE" de Gaëtan Lekens et David Mutzenmacher

An burlesque thriller scented with gueuze. A trash-hilarious comedy guaranteed to surprise even the most jaded of spectators (not too politically correct, though). On par to certainly be the new cult phenomenon made in Belgium.

"OUT OF THE BLUE" (Brand New Restoration) de Dennis Hopper

The great classic of counter culture signed Dennis Hopper (Easy Rider), finally restored and accessible. An ultimate and iconic film, with the immense actress Linda Manz and Neil Young to the music. Rock'n'roll is definitely here to stay! Essential viewing! Absolute beauty!

The full Festival lineup will be unveiled on September 29.

See the list of films announced for our 49th edition

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